Juli Couch-Johnstone - Records Manager, Sales

Juli Couch-Johnstone has extensive experience managing business development and delivery schedules through sales, customer service and other services to a broad industry base. Her client list spans a broad spectrum of businesses, from aerospace, oil and gas, legal, manufacturing and medical institutions. She spent thirteen successful years as a sales and marketing professional in both international and domestic markets, an additional seven years of volunteer experience in fundraising and event planning and over eight years of teaching in both the private and public sectors. She is active in knowledge and records management and has been working for the past year with clients interested in improving their records management strategies. Juli is a teacher at heart and loves to help customers learn about records and information management!

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Jennifer Palmer - Records Manager, Sales

Jennifer managed our scan shop for 3 years and is now in Records Management Sales at Data Storage.  She is extremely driven in the areas of customer service, document management and team building.  She is also a proven professional with a successful background in sales, managing, networking, event planning and logistics. 

Jennifer has volunteered and worked with nonprofit organizations in the past such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as well as the Make a Wish Foundation and has helped raise over $225,000. 

Her passion for helping others is what makes her successful here at Data Storage as she works one on one with the clients to find out their records management needs and helps improve their workflow.  She takes pride in her work and the products she demonstrates while building client relationships with our customers.

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Mike Russell, Operations and Records Center Manager

Mike has been with Data Storage over 10 years, and has years of logistical experience. He started at Data Storage as a driver and has worked his way up to the Records Storage and warehouse manager position.  As Scott's right hand man, Mike is an essential component to the overall daily operations at Data Storage. He is in charge of all internal warehouse operations and  our customer service team of records specialists who pull, deliver, refile and handle all customer requests.

Mike is responsible for new customer move-in and other special projects.  His background in trucking and inventory management positions him perfectly to oversee the moving, cataloging, shelving and inventory reconciliation necessary to serve our customers.  Mike’s team has moved, cataloged, shelved and reconciled nearly a million cubic feet of records since 2002.  Mike and his team handle thousands of items each week with error rates that are unmeasurably LOW.

No job is too small for him, he can set up  you up with a our daily pick up, arrange for  disposal of  files that need to be destroyed or even  aide you in organizing an inventory of your records. Mike an handle and  coordinate all of your storage needs.

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Lori Thomas, Scan Shop Manager

Lori, our Scan Shop Manager, started as a scanning tech and moved into the supervisor role.  She continues to improve herself as a leader and to learn as much as she can about perfecting the quality of scanned documents. Lori takes pride in the fact that she will only allow assertive, self-motivated scan/prep technicians to be part of the crew at Data Storage, Inc. She is currently working on her CDIA+ Certification. 

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