Document Shredding Services - Onsite and Mobile Shredding

When physical documents are no longer needed, Data Storage™ offers secure shredding of your sensitive records and media, including paper documents, x-ray films and more. Documents are shredded, baled and pulped, rendering them completely destroyed and unreadable.

Shred Bins & Shredding Services in Tulsa, OK

In the Tulsa area, we offer locked destruction bins for placement in your office. These secure destruction bins provide a permanent and secure place for your employees to place confidential documents for secure destruction. Pickup service ranges from $18-$22 per visit.

Data Storage shred containers are sized to fit under a normal desk.

•Stop interrupting your work to walk to a central disposal unit.

•The locked containers can be picked up for shredding on a common time interval.

•Each container will hold 60 pounds of confidential paper documents.

•Help prevent identity theft and simplify recycling efforts.

Mobile Shredding 

Bulk records destruction is also available through our mobile shredding service in the Tulsa metro area. Our tractor trailer is available to pick up records from your facility at any time. Confidential document destruction of up to 40,000 pounds can be accomplished professionally and discreetly in just 24 hours!

Mobile document shredding service in Oklahoma by Data Storage Inc.