Document shredding services

Your business generates a lot of paper. But when your documents are no longer needed, what steps do you take to help your business and client information remain secure and compliant? Data Storage offers speedy, discreet on-site and mobile shredding services in the Tulsa area. 


Did you know?

Our services are HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA compliant. We don't just shred your documents. We shred, bale, and pulp them, rendering them completely destroyed and unreadable. From paper records to blueprints to X-rays, we can securely destroy any document.

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On-site shredding services

Data Storage offers on-site shredding services to the Tulsa area. We provide your business with state-of-the-art locked destruction bins for placement throughout your office. These secure destruction bins provide a permanent  and discreet place for employees to deposit confidental documents. Each shredding container is designed to: 

  • Hold up to 60 pouds of confidential paper documents
  • Fit comfortably under your desk to prevent long walks to a central unit
  • Make compliance a breeze
  • Simply your company's recyling efforts 

Just give us a call when your bins are getting full. Our professional staff will pick up your bins and destroy your documents for as low as $18 per visit.  

Data Storage, Inc. provides confidential document destruction and shredding services for companies who scan and store documents at our facility.Mobile shredding services

The destruction of records in bulk is also available to the Tulsa area with our mobile shredding service. Our tractor trailor is available to pick up records from your facility at any time.

Our professional staff will arrive at a time that's most convenient for your business.

We can accomplish secure and discreet destruction of up to 40,000 pounds of documents in just 24 hours. 


What Our Clients Say

Great customer service and integrity. Trust Scott with all your documents.

Paula G. Umicore

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