Professional file room management 

How long does it take you to locate a critical business document from your file room? Are your files at risk for natural disaster or employee error? Data Storage's professional file room management services can help.


We can help you manage your file room

Data Storage professional file management staff can organize, audit, or operate your file room for you. High employee turnover and unmotivated temps plague file rooms across the country. An unorganized file room puts your company at risk for non-compliance and nautral disaster risk.

Data Storage removes these problems by providing complete file room packaged solutions including:

  • Periodic file migration, merging and purging
  • Short-term assistance during audits, end of year, etc
  • Day-to-day operation of release-of-information function
  • File sorting and sequence correction
  • Boxing files 

Additionally, Data Storage can handle your entire records management system, allowing you to move all records off-site, downsize staff, free up expensive office space, and concentrate on your core competency.


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