Types of barcode scanners

A USB scanner, imager or reader works just like your mouse or keyboard. Place the cursor where you would like information entered, scan the barcode, and the information contained in the barcode will be displayed on your form in plain text as if you had entered it yourself with your keyboard. These barcode scanners and readers are totally plug and play. They require no software or drivers. USB scanners are also powered by the computer power supply and require no external power supply or “wall wart”.

Compared to laser scanners, CCD barcode scanners are extremely durable and require less maintenance. CCD scanners do not require a laser light source or moving parts and therefore use very little power. CCD readers use a complex of hundreds of sensors to read ambient light reflected by the barcode. As a result they are well suited for warehouse or field use. Their compact size and light weight is also convenient for office use.

Pen or laser scanners emit, read and measure light emitted by the scanner itself.

Linear imager scanners use a "Linear Imaging Sensor" to take an image of the barcode. This sensor is a single row of light sensitive pixels generally used to scan one dimensional or linear barcodes. Because these units have no moving parts, they are generally more rugged then laser scanners.

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