Scott Hambrick, Owner

AIIM Certified Information Professional, DocuWare Systems Consultant

Scott Hambrick had a simple belief – that records management never would go out of style.

During the 1990s, many entrepreneurs overlooked storage options for companies because experts were emphasizing the digital age – a time when businesses were expected to go “paperless.”

But the paperless revolution is still playing out.

Today, businesses of all kinds, from doctor’s offices to accounting firms, are producing more documents than ever and need a secure place to store their records. For many of them, this is further complicated by laws requiring they keep records for longer and longer periods. The 41-year-old entrepreneur saw his business, Data Storage™, as a way to fill this need in the community.

Although many companies are obligated to keep their records for at least seven years, the office personnel usually has little expertise on storing documents so they’re easy to locate and safe from floods or other disasters. Nor do office workers have the time to spend organizing large quantities of papers, tapes, discs, blueprints, X-rays and other materials.

However, Hambrick’s history with Data Storage began long before the opportunity for ownership arose. As a high school student, he began working as a delivery driver for the company and continued to do so while attending the University of Oklahoma. Hungry for entrepreneurship, Hambrick left Data Storage to begin a home remodeling company in the Oklahoma City area. Four years later, Data Storage’s owner was ready for retirement. Hambrick joined him as a co-owner for 18 months before officially buying the company in 1998.

When he took over Data Storage, every document was tracked by an antiquated card catalogue system that Hambrick updated with a state-of-the art system. Now the company uses barcodes, Internet databases and online organizational tools so customers can search and obtain their documents quickly. In addition, records and information management is ever changing, and Hambrick continues to search for ways to upgrade his technology. Increasingly, customers look to Data Storage for help selecting and implementing electronic document management systems, scanning old documents, records destruction and more.

He started an imaging lab and now digitizes millions of pages of records every month. 

Today, Hambrick is considered an expert in data storage and is a member of four leading industry groups: Professional Records & Information Management International, Association of Records Managers and Administrators, AIIM and American Health Information Management Association.

He also acts as a consultant to businesses about privacy, legal requirements regarding data, and disaster mitigation for businesses of all sizes.

Hambrick lives in south Tulsa and has been married to Charity for 19 years and has two daughters; Riley, thirteen and Evan, eleven.

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