Scanning workflow

Here's what happens with your boxes of documents as they go through the scanning process.


  1. If you choose to log your records and bar codes on our web portal before shipping, we will know which boxes you are shipping, who shipped them, etc. We will schedule your boxes for prep (pre-processing) as soon as we see the web order.
  2. Upon receipt of your boxes, we will scan them into a staging area in our imaging lab where they will wait for prep.
  3. Prep techs will check out boxes using the barcode, thereby allowing Data Storage management to
    • Track the location of the boxes at all times
    • Monitor quality
    • Instruct the technicians (if necessary).

Scan and index

  1. After prep, the boxes will be checked out to a scanner tech and scanned.
  2. If we have any problems or questions while prepping or scanning your documents, we will place images of the “problem” documents in a MISC file on your FTP server. We will notify our project contact at your company regarding our questions and the associated document number(s). After our questions are cleared up, we will merge those documents into the proper scans for final export. This file is generally small and becomes non-existent over time as we become more familiar with your company’s taxonomy.
  3. After scanning, the boxes will be re-packed by the scanner tech and checked back into the staging area.
  4. A QC clerk will review all documents for quality control issues and check the box out again if it is necessary to locate an original to verify its condition or rescan it.
  5. After QC, the documents will be indexed.


  1. After indexing, the docs will be OCR’d and exported to temporary server space for approval.
  2. After the scan shop supervisor approves all exports, they will be pushed to your private FTP server and the documents will be OK’d to return to the customer.
  3. A work order is auto-generated and sent to a shipping clerk, who will check the boxes out of staging into the shipping prep area. The boxes will be reboxed if necessary, taped, labeled and staged for shipping via UPS or moved to our secure storage facility.
  4. At this time the customer will receive an email notification that the boxes are ready for pickup by UPS. If you need any of the documents before they are scanned, you can call us at 918-664-6164 and we will pull, prep, scan and export them for you to access within two hours.

What Our Clients Say

We love the convenience of using Data Storage. They free up our staff. Data Storage is like another arm of our business.

V.B. Center for Plastic Surgery

Common scanning procedure questions:

Is there a form we need to include with the box detailing our company information?

A. We will provide you with vinyl barcode labels for the boxes to be shipped to us. You can log those boxes and their contents in our secure web portal at If you don’t want to use the web tool, you can use the attached records transmittal form. Labels are also available for individual files if necessary.

Q. Will designated representatives from our company receive e-mails notifying us that you have the documents, when the documents are scanned, when the images are available on the FTP server, and when the boxes have been shipped back to us?

A. You will receive shipping confirmation emails as we receive and ship the documents out. We will post completed scans on the FTP server every night at about 10 p.m. If you need any of the documents before they are scanned, you can call us at 918-664-6164 and we will pull, prep, scan and export them for you to access within two hours.

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