Scan on Demand: Store Now - Scan Later

Many of our potential customers call because they are looking for a company that can scan all of their records. Doing so may be cost prohibitive--a typical file box averages about $200 to image.

Our statistics show that once a box goes into storage, only about 10% of the contents will ever be accessed. To control costs, consider scan-on-demand.  Records are scanned only as they are neeed. Not one extra page is digitized.  With scan-on-demand, a requested document can be accessed, imaged quickly and sent electronically to you, within two hours or as required. This is an option often used for HR and medical record scanning.

How scan-on-demand works:             

  • We pick up your paper records and store them in our secure storage facility.
  • We inventory all of your records to the file level.
  • The files are indexed.
  • When you need a file, you can search the index of records on our secure customer portal. 
  • Once selected, the file will be prepped for scanning and sorted by requesting site.
  • The file will be exported into a format specified by you.
  • Get your documents in four hours, with rush service available.

FREE Scan-on-Demand  Trial

“We had a situation at SouthCrest where a patient came in at 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning and the physician wanted that record immediately. I called Scott at Data Storage and he immediately fulfilled my request!”—L.N., Medical Records Director, SouthCrest Hospital

Watch this brief overview to learn how it works:


Going Digital Cost Effectively

Why store vs. image?

  • Much lower up front cost; imaging is paid all at once, storage is paid over time.
  • Save 90% over the cost of scanning all records at once. For many companies, this means thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in savings.
  • In general, most documents will never be accessed, so why pay to scan them all?
  • A requested document can be located, imaged, and sent to you electronically within 24 hours...or in as little as two hours.
  • Read about medical records storage here.

Data Storage™ will work with you to help devise a plan most suited to your needs.  Get started with your free Scan-on-Demand trial. Demo with your own documents!