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"I am so excited! Just pulled the documents right from my desk. I did not have to go to the other branch and dig thru filing cabinets. It’s like Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day all rolled into one! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!"

– K.A., Credit Union

"Thank you so much for your great response. Got it just in time. Thank you again."

– Brenda, Cancer Care Associates

"Data Storage provides great service and very is knowledgeable in records management."

– Marvin Brown, Linde

"Scott Hambrick and Data Storage are 'efficiency kings.' The work they do in data management and closed file storage makes my job so much easier (and our office so much neater). Prior to discovering Scott and his company's services, we were storing closed files in a storage locker. Retrieving data and files was a nightmare. Now, it is all neatly and safely stored, easily retrieved and all for the same monthly expense."

– Carolyn - E. Terril Corley & Assoc.

"I just wanted to let you know that you guys are awesome. I don’t know who picked up all of those boxes last time but my office manager praised him. The guys are always so pleasant. You have a great crew!!"

– Angie M., Utica Park Clinic


"Great customer service and integrity. Trust Scott with all your documents."

– Paula G., Umicore

"Scott is definitely a goal-oriented and a results-driven person who treats everyone with respect and strives to keep his clients happy. I have found Scott to be an honest individual and a pleasure to work with. I can recommend Scott and Data Storage without reservation."

– David Merrill, H&P Inc.

"FYI GOOD JOB GUYS! Thanks for your help!"

– Darla, Cancer Care Associates

"You guys are great!"

– Sarah, Universal Field Services

"Thank you for your awesome customer service!"

– Tonia, Continental Industries

"Data Storage™ was the perfect answer to our issues. They were detailed and had the needed knowledge to solve our growth problems. I look forward to working with them in the future."

– Kenny Tolbert, The Tolbert Company

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