Strong, affordable records storage boxes

Our letter/legal boxes are the finest records storage boxes available. They are specially designed to be assembled in one piece, with an integral treasure-chest style hinged lid.  Our box uses no glued or stapled seams. No glue or staples mean fewer busted boxes! 

Our boxes are tested to 650 pound stacking weight. It requires 650 pounds to begin crushing a full Data Storage box! 


  • Triple wall Heavy Gauge Cardboard: For Maximum Durability
  • Standard 1.2 cu ft
  • One Piece “Treasure Chest” Construction.
  • Integral lid contributes to overall strength
  • Hinged lid stay in place even during transit
  • Two Data Storage boxes will accommodate the same volume of records as a legal bankers box at less than half the price.
  • Acid free cardboard construction
  • Safe for your vital and sensitive long-term archives. 

Records storage boxes - heavy duty

Acid free cardboard construction makes the Data Storage records box safe for your vital and sensitive long-term archives.

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