Oil & Gas Record Scanning Services & Storage for Leases, Land Records, Well Files, Well Logs

Buying or selling? We can convert your paper records to digital, extracting data and adding value to your oil & gas documents.

- Convert documents into searchable text, so you can find the information you need with a keyword search, including crucial data points.
- Fast online access from anywhere
- Excellent protection against loss, theft, alteration, or natural disaster
- Reduced administrative costs and faster operations
- Improved communications among branches and associates

Data Storage, Inc. offers well file scanning services, oil & gas lease record scanning, and document storage from our full-service, high-speed scanning shop serving 8 states surrounding Oklahoma. Expert quality control, climate-controlled storage, online document access.

Extract and digitize these key components of your well files and logs:

- Well Costs
- Contracts & Agreements
- Regulatory 
- Well Tests
- Engineering 
- Production
- Curves

 With Data Storage, you'll benefit from 40 years of experience and an on-call team of dedicated professionals.

Questions?  We’re always happy to answer them. Call us at 855-200-6164.