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ImageSilo®. Our #1 recommendation for cloud-based electronic document management.

Get ultra-secure document storage, sharing and collaboration for multiple users and locations. One of the best paperless office software systems on the market.

With ImageSilo you’ll get online data access to documents without investment in hardware, software or IT personnel. ImageSilo from Digitech Systems is a high-security, robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. Complete with audit trails, user activity, compliance and document history.

Used by all industries

Business - Healthcare - Medical - Government - Manufacturing - Financial Services - Human Resources - Legal Services - Logistics - Transportation and more.

Here's why customers love it:

Simple to set up and use

•  No IT staff needed. Just login.
•  Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
•  Out-of-the-box integration with all Microsoft Office applications and typical business software.
•  Works with 250+ file formats.
•  Short learning curve. Intuitive.
•  Search and find documents fast. 
•  Complete your workflow setup (like invoice approvals) in hours or days, not weeks or months.


•  Pay by gigabyte of storage, not by number of users.
•  Scalable…grows with your company.
•  No up-front capital investment.
•  Tax-deductible operating expense.

Superior data security & controls

•  Check in/check out documents so you know who has viewed or edited it.
•  Version history…so you can restore older versions of documents.
•  Robust SSL encryption.
•  Great user admin controls.
•  Data protected by controlled access and 24/7 system monitoring.
•  Automated data backups. Send encrypted copies of live information to any secure location.

ImageSilo Pricing

ImageSilo's full ECM system is priced by the gigabyte with unlimited users and no upfront capital investment. Get a quote based on your requirements along with a free 60-day trial. Packages start at $75/month with unlimited users and no upfront capital investment. Take it for a hands-on test drive.


Download this complete ImageSilo overview.

Scan directly into ImageSilo

•  Capture and route documents through any business process when paired with PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow.

•  Compatible with Canon, Epson, Fujitsu, HP, Lexmark and other popular systems.

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We've been using ImageSilo at Data Storage, Inc. for more than 9 years. Having digitized millions of documents and with hundreds of customers accessing ImageSilo--we can tell you by experience that it's easy-to-use and reliable. Our own business depends on this software. - Scott Hambrick, President

Here's why you'll love Data Storage, Inc.

  • The friendliest people in document management. We answer the phones 24/7. 
  • 30 years of document management experience...from storage to scanning to retrieval. We know how to make your workflow and processes more efficient. 
  • Not sure if ImageSilo is right for you? Not sure how best to improve your records management? We provide  independent document management assessment services.