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New to ImageSilo? We're here to help! Watch our collection of how-to videos for step-by-step tutorials and best practice tips.  

Adjust browser settings

Internet Explorer & ImageSilo

Your internet settings could be preventing you from working efficiently in your document management software. Watch this video to learn how to adjust your Internet Explorer settings to work with ImageSilo and Papervision.


Add your team

Add users and user groups

A single document can move across several departments. By adding users and user groups, you can ensure your digital documents end up in the right hands at the right time. Watch this video to learn how to add users and user groups to ImageSilo. 


Set user permissions

Setting document access levels

Remaining compliant is easy with ImageSilo. Not everyone on your team should have access to every document. Here's how you can set document security access levels for each user. From system administrators to basic users, there is an access level for every team member. Watch this video to learn how to make your documents more secure. 


Secure your documents

Control document security levels

Sometimes, members of your team need access to certain parts of a document. For example, a member of your shop team may need access to the specific details of a project. However, it may not be important for your shop guy to have details about the cost of a project. You can set granular access details for your documents to ensure maximum security and compliance. Here is a how-to video with best practices. 


Set up signatures

Set up authenticated electronic signatures

Signing documents electronically makes your internal workflows move much faster. Setting up authenticated, electronic signatures helps you manage your documents digitally and move toward a paperless office environment. Here is how to set up electronic signatures in Papervision and ImageSilo. 


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