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With Scan-on-Demand you can:
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  • Image only needed documents
  • Store the rest for access when needed
  • Receive files in four hours with rush service available

What is the Scan-on-Demand Trial?

  1. Our quoting process starts by scanning a sampling of your documents.
  2. You’ll send us a stack of documents that you want to scan, tell us what they are used for, and how you want to access the information digitally after they are scanned.
  3. Based on our conversation with you, we create specs for scanning and indexing your documents, send you a prepaid shipping label, a confidentiality agreement and confirmation of the specs for your scanning project.
  4. When your documents arrive in our shop, we remove staples, repair any tears, and sort them by document type.
  5. We scan your documents and index the records by the fields you need for searching data. A quality control clerk views every image to assure crisp, readable images.
  6. We upload the scanned documents to our secure servers for you to access and review.
  7. When the trial is done, we deliver a quote based on the speed, complexity and difficulty involved in imaging your actual records. This method of quoting ensures you pay for exactly the level of service you need and no more! 

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