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Automate DOT Compliance with Driver Qualification File Software

Is your HR department struggling to maintain complex paper processes to manage driver qualifications and DOT compliance? With DQF software, your HR team can meet FMCSA compliance requirements, track expiration dates, set notifications, all while working smarter and faster.


DOT Compliance made easy.

Take the hassle out of managing your stacks of driver files with Data Storage’s intuitive and user-friendly Driver Qualification File software. Contact us today for a free demo. 

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Here's how it works

  1. We Analyze Your Documents - We break your driver files into the different record types currently represented in your paper files.
  2. Digitize and Index -We digitize and index every document by the driver ID number, driver name, document type, and document expiration date.
  3. Integrate and Connect - We load digital documents into a secure, online records repository configured to meet your HR and DOT compliance needs.
  4. Set up Query - Once your records are converted, you can query for records that have expired, will expire soon, and identify drivers with incomplete records.
  5. Automated Alerts - Set up automated email alerts to identify your team when any of the queries are met

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We know that every driver creates more than just driver files. You can manage all of your important HR documents for a fully-integrated HR management system.

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