State-of-the-art records storage facility

Your business handles a lot of documents. From invoices, to legal records, from blueprints, to x-rays, your documents quickly overflow the file cabinet in the corner of your office. Before you know it, that invoice you need for an audit is buried - or worse - damaged or misplaced.

Storing your documents in a climate-controlled, bar-coded facility allows you instant online access to your paper documents without risk or hassle.

Ready to clear your paper clutter? Here’s how it works:

Records moving and document storage company
We pick up and barcode your documents
Secure document storage
We store them safely, securely
Document storage systems and online record retrieval
We retrieve your documents when you need them

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What kind of documents do we store?

How much does it cost?

What if I need to access a document?

We’ll store just about any document. We are HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm, Leach, and Biley (GLBA) compliant. Some of our typical documents are x-rays, blueprints, medical records, legal documents, accounting and HR records, bankers’ boxes, and more.

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What Our Clients Say

We have approximately 3,500 boxes of medical records that are stored at Data Storage. We keep one years’ worth of records on-site and everything older than that goes to storage. We pick up the phone and they will deliver a record to us on a STAT basis.

Medical Records Director SouthCrest Hospital

Retrieve documents online or have them delivered to your door when you need them.

Data Storage™ provides document storage and management for your documents in our clean, secure, climate-controlled concrete records storage facility based in Tulsa, OK. We have capacity to store letter, legal, and bankers' boxes; blueprints; medical records; X-rays; oil and gas records; legal documents; job files; accounting records; human resources (HR) documents and more. 

Secure records storage in state-of-the-art facilities, with scanning and online document retrieval. Locally owned for 35 years.

• Online access to your documents.
• No more wild-goose chases at self-storage.
• No more compliance problems.
• No more confidentiality problems.
• Reduced storage costs.
• Complete searchability.
• Bar-code tracking.
• One-hour delivery service.
• HIPAA - FACTA - Gramm - Leach - Bliley (GLBA) compliant
• Instant Document Scan delivery.

With costs as low as $24.95/month, off-site records storage is both affordable and secure.

Did you know?

In over 40 years of business we have never misplaced or damaged a single record in our storage facility.

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Are you moving?

If your office is moving from one location to another, a traditional moving company is not the best choice to handle your records storage boxes. Our document tracking and indexing technology will ensure your boxes get from Point A to Point B safely and securely. Our advice? Ask your moving company how they plan to log and track every box. One missing box can lead to massive compliance and legal implications.

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What makes us different?

For more than 40 years, we’ve provided outstanding records management services to businesses across the nation. Our storage facility is located centrally in Tulsa, Oklahoma so your documents are always within reach. Our professional staff answers the phone 24/7, so you can access any document at any time.