Bring your information together with PaperVision® Capture software for scanning and digital imaging

Do you have paper documents and digital records scattered across multiple systems, locations and formats? PaperVision Capture is the only capture product you’ll ever need for your organization.

When your information is scattered across digital silos, department silos, and location silos, your productivity comes to a halt while your exposure to risk skyrockets.

Whether you have a single scan station or multi-location scanning operation requiring document capture software, PaperVision Capture can expand with your organization. 

PaperVision Capture…

  • Runs virtually any paper document scanner.
  • Imports images from existing systems.
  • Captures documents from fax servers and multi-functional devices.
  • Indexes images quickly and matches them with accurate index information from existing databases and systems.
  • Extracts critical information on the fly and eliminates manual processes.

Scale up in a centralized environment with high-performance hardware or scale out in a distributed environment to maximize existing servers.

Give PaperVision a try.

Try PaperVision for free for 60 days. We can also schedule a quick demo so you can take full advantage of your demo. 

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Here’s how it works...

PaperVision Capture is designed to work out-of-the-box. Easy, intuitive setup gets you up and running in minutes not days. Data Storage, Inc. can help customize your own system that will execute your ideal capture process. You can enhance efficiency by grouping documents and batch processing them simultaneously. Built-in quality control and verification features minimize keystrokes while support for multiple barcode formats and powerful optical character recognition (OCR) eliminates keystrokes altogether.

Depending on your workflow, your system might be configured with other PaperVision products including PaperFlow®, ImageSilo or your own ERM.

How much does it cost?

PaperVision products are affordable and proven. We’ve been installing and using this software for more than 10 years and our customers love it. Tell us more about your document capture needs and we’ll work up a price for your organization.

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What makes us different?

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