EHR & EMR Integration: How to Bridge the Document Gap

Scott Hambrick
Posted by Scott Hambrick

Determining how best to bridge the gap between electronic health & medical records (EHR & EMR) and other paper-based processes is vexing healthcare and medical practice administrators. How do we integrate AP, HR and lab reports so we can find ALL information faster, reduce labor costs, maintain HIPAA compliance and stay sane? How do we merge paper with paperless records?

Thankfully, in 2017 we have several easy-to-use, affordable and proven software options that fill this need for small and medium-sized operations. Starting at $75 per month our cloud-based document management systems help healthcare organizations locate any record with a few clicks.

In addition to traditional electronic medical records, documents that can be scanned, digitized and accessed electronically include:

  • Staff credentials
  • EOBs
  • Claims records
  • Lab reports
  • Prescriptions
  • Expense reports
  • Invoices
  • Packing slips
  • Wills, Power of Attorney documents
  • Insurance records
  • Licenses



Cloud-based systems can be implemented with no IT support.

  • Customize access and approval workflows based to your needs.
  • High-level security that will survive audits, natural disasters, turnover and mergers & acquisitions.
  • Save staff time – reduce labor costs.

Savings can be significant. The Mental Health Center of Denver saved more than $225,000 in just a few months by moving to Digitech System’s PaperVision Enterprise. Other cloud-based options include ImageSilo.

To find out how you can easily bridge the gap between EMR and all other document workflow processes in your organization, send me an email and I’ll give you and your team members a quick online demo at your convenience.

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