Electronic Forms Software: How Easy is it to Set Up eForms?

Scott Hambrick
Posted by Scott Hambrick

Electronic forms can replace just about any paper form by using a web-based interface.  Companies use eforms to automate workflow and reduce manual data entry.

The process to set up eforms and integrate them in business processes is quite simple:

Creating eforms with electronic forms software

  • Your form is replicated electronically.
  • A private or public web page is created for users to access the form.
  • Users fill out the form and submit.
  • The form and entries are compiled into a single PDF document.
  • The completed document is routed to the proper user or users for processing.

The biggest obstacle to implementing electronic forms is of all things…fear. However, fears over everything from data security to integration, cost and usability are typically overcome when users and managers see software demos. Starting at $75 per month for a robust set of features, you can get a complete electronic document management system with eForms that can scale with any size organization.

The benefits of eforms are numerous:

  • Form information and data can be sent to all users immediately.
  • No need to keep an inventory of printed forms.
  • Electronic forms don’t get “lost”.
  • Manual data entry of printed forms goes away.
  • Labor costs are reduced significantly.
  • IT support is not needed.

While there are myriad electronic forms software options on the market, the solutions favored by our customers are easy to use, flexible and inexpensive.

To find out how you can eliminate data entry and automate your workflow with e-forms, send me an email and I’ll give you and your team members a quick online demo at your convenience.

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