5 Good Reasons for Startups to Use Electronic Document Management

Scott Hambrick
Posted by Scott Hambrick


Lately, I've received several phone calls from companies that are starting up and want to set up electronic document management. I went and met with three of these companies in the past week and their concerns were the same.

Here are 5 Good Reasons Startups Should Use Electronic Document Management

  1.  They do not want to rent office space for storage. They're very interested in using digital records to make sure they can operate in the most efficient space possible.

  2. They want the best way to manage their records for people working outside of the office. These companies want to share information and documents with people who work from home and in the field. These new start-ups have much more flexible work hours with their employees than a lot of established companies.
  3. They want to save labor. They do not want multiple people handling the same document for no reason. They want to know where their documents are and not spend any time searching for missing records.
  4. They want to keep operating costs low. Startups want to conserve cash and operate with the least expense.
  5. They want to be able to provide documentation efficiently, in such a way that will allow them to sell their business for top dollar when the time comes.

Electronic document management helps startups meet all of these goals.

I want you to know that electronic document management in a new company is absolutely the lowest cost way and best way to achieve these goals.

  • Your documents are available anywhere in the world to authorized users who have access to the Internet. This allows people with flexible schedules who work from home and in the field to access your records.
  • Electronic document management suites like ImageSilo allow for workflow controls so documents are routed to the correct people, the software manages the work process for you, your payables get paid faster, your contracts get renewed on time, therefore the document management cost in your work processes plummet.
  • It's easy to produce documents to potential buyers with your electronic document management system. You don't have to copy boxes and boxes of paper records and present them to them for audit. We just provide them with a username and password and the correct permissions, and then they'll be able to review your client contracts, accounting records, HR records, and more. This reduces the due diligence cost associated with divestiture and acquisition.

These are a few reasons why electronic document management can help a company that is making a start OR wants to start afresh. We can get you started for $75 per month.

If you want to see how simple is it to set this up, email or call me (Scott Hambrick) at 1-855-200-6164.

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