Our mission

We have a simple belief - records management will never go out of style. Going paperless doesn't happen overnight. We provide records solutions that solve for today, and plan for tomorrow. So your day-to-day operations don't have to be halted. 

Our mission is to provide exceptional document management, scanning, and storage services to organizations across the nation.

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Our story

Businesses have always needed organized solutions for their important business records. In 1976, that meant a complex index-card filing system in our enormous warehouse. Today, we maintain a world-leading indexing system that allows us to locate any stored record in just minutes. Our climate-controlled, state-of-the-art warehouse stands vigil over your documents 24/7.

Need your paper records digitized? Our machines quickly scan and digitize 500,000 documents every day.

From our origins in neatly-written index cards, to our whizzing digital scanners and information servers, Data Storage is now responsible for the secure scanning and storage of millions of records every month.

What are we most proud of? In 40 years of service, we have never lost or damaged a single document.

What we do

The digital revolution is here. With more and more businesses making the move to “paperless” solutions, organizations are left with two questions:

What is the process to go digital?

What on earth am I supposed to do with all this paper in the meantime?

That’s where Data Storage comes in. We are all required by law to maintain records for YEARS, but most workers do not have the knowledge or expertise to securely store a document.

Who we serve

Our records management experts have experience handling just about every type of document. We currently service:

Law firms, medical offices, the oil and gas industry, manufacturers, transportation companies, accounting firms, banks, and more. If your organization produces paper documents, we can help.

We can help you go paperless if you don’t know where to start.

We don’t just help you maintain your documents. We streamline your entire records management strategy with services to scan, digitally recreate, maintain, purge, and physically store your records.

Scott Hambrick, Data Storage, Inc.

Meet records mastermind, Scott Hambrick

Scott’s career with records management began in high school, when he worked as a delivery driver for Data Storage. After obtaining a degree from the University of Oklahoma, Scott trained with the owner of Data Storage for 18 months before buying the company in 1998.

Recognizing the need for an upgrade in technology, Scott uprooted and digitized the entire records management system, and paved the way for the successful maintenance and cataloguing of millions of records.

Now, Scott is considered an industry expert in records, documents and data storage. He regularly consults with businesses about privacy, data legal requirements, and disaster mitigation for businesses.


Meet our records management staff

Jennifer Palmer, Imaging and Scanning Services

Jennifer Palmer
Imaging Department Supervisor

Juli Couch-Johnstone, records management sales

Juli Couch-Johnstone
Records Manager, Sales

Mike Russell, records storage facility and operation manager

Mike Russell
Operations and Records Center Manager

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